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Federação Mineira de Motoclubes Federação Mineira de Motoclubes


We are a group of motorcycle enthusiasts who gather for weekly rides on the Minas Geras roads. 
We came up with the idea of ​​joining motorcyclists from all tribes with the sole purpose of having fun. 
Ademar Andrade, Lincoln and Rogerio (Vai Curintia!) Began to meet and perform on Saturdays or Sundays. 
In a short time came the idea of ​​officialization of the group with the creation of CLASSE A MOTO CLUB that in July 2015 began its activities with 5 members. 
Our coat of arms represents our aspirations of a motorcycle club. The skull represents the equality of all our members. The two-piston mask represents our passion for motorcycles. Class A as a select group of friends who respect each other, are loyal to the group and cherish a good relationship with everyone. Our state, our home. 
The three pillars that sustain our club are Respect, Security and Friendship.


Classe A Motoclube
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